Centrifugal Pumps

cq series

CQ Series

Peripheral centrifugal pump with improved suction, side liquid channel and star-shaped impeller design.

Suitable for use with clean water that does not contain abrasive particles and liquids that are not chemically aggressive towards the materials from which the pump is made.

CP Series

Peripheral centrifugal pump with compact dimensions.

Able to generate high heads and suitable for domestic installations, water supply systems, small gardening applications, draining and filling cisterns, and for small industrial uses.


CJ Series

Centrifugal self-priming pump with high priming capability.

It’s reliable and ease to use, which recommended for domestic applications such as the distribution of water in combination with small or medium sized pressure sets, and for the irrigation of gardens and allotments.

CE Series

Single-impeller centrifugal pump with their compactness, makes them suitable for use in both domestic and industrial applications.

It’s reliability, ease to use and economical are ideal for domestic use, civil, industrial and agricultural systems

ce series

CG Series

CG series are the ideal centrifugal pump for high flow.

They have good performance in big capacity and are widely used in well-pumping, water supplying, decanting, mixing and irrigating for civil, industry and agriculture.