Greentec - Advanced & Engineered

A trusted pump supplier with 10 years of experience in distributing variety range of pumps, air compressor, motor and spare parts that can be guaranteed to suit your pumping need!  

Australia based company guaranteed our customers with quality assurance by providing 12 months of warranty.

We constantly develops products that focused on productivity, energy efficiency and environment-friendly. 


Dewatering solution

Our range of submersible pumps are ideals for small to medium size industrial usage.

meter pressure

Domestic water pressure solution

Our booster pumps come with energy saving and compact design which is ideal for domestic usage!

pool water boost

Pool Pumps Solution

Our pumps guarantee the continuous flow of water in the pool.

rotary screw compressor

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Minimal noise, compact and energy-efficient air compressor for any industrial application.

holding plant

Gardening Pumps Solution

Our garden pumps ensure your outdoor gardening experience hassle-free.