Booster pump Singapore

What is a water booster pump?

A booster pump will increase low tide pressure and flow. It provides the additional boost required to bring your water pressure to the required level. A water booster pump provides pressure to maneuver water from a tank or throughout a full house or industrial facility.

What causes low water pressure?

1. Gravity

Gravity either drives or slows water flow. the upper the elevation wherever water should be delivered, the lower the water pressure. to not mention, one gallon of water weighs over eight pounds. If water travels uphill or up many floors, gravity needs to send it right backtrack. Buildings not up to their water supply might not expertise an equivalent drawback. Skyscrapers, housing buildings, and houses and businesses with multiple stories need an oversized booster pump to maneuver water up several stories.

2. Distance from the water source

Distance from the water supply and also the size of water pipes affects water pressure. If your home or business sits at the tip of the facility line, the flow of water could be low by the time it reaches you. And, if your water pipes area unit too little, a smaller quantity of water can run through your fixtures.

3. Low city water pressure

Your house is also below the facility line, your plumbing pipes is also clear, and you continue to have low tide pressure. generally low tide flow results from nonaggressive water from your native tracheophyte.

5. additional water systems

Additional water treatment systems or alternative water fixtures to your home brings you water however might decrease your water pressure. Adding a booster pump will restore your water pressure.

6. Plumbing problems

If low tide pressure is that the results of gravity, transportation, or extra systems, a water pressure booster might fix the problem. alternative times, however, plumbing issues is also the cause. Before shopping for a water pressure booster, check your plumbing. The pipes is also clogged, or the pressure reducing valve might have adjusting.


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