Fountain / Water feature

Fountain Pumps

Fountain Pumps can be designed to produce flow of water to fountains and devices used for aesthetic functions and aeration in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Fountain pumps is also designed to be used inside or outdoors and also differentiated by the dimensions of the pool or lake and whether or not the appliance is ornamental or practical. Some fountain pumps are even star high-powered and may add conjunction with a well pump to form special garden or landscape options like waterfalls. ornamental fountain pumps are available in a spread of configurations, as well as little indoor pumps that is submersible. A submersible pump is used for an inside bubbler is sometimes smaller than an outside pump, and is differentiated by the quantity of gallons it will pump in an hour.

(Greentec SD Series – Submersible pump)

Most outside pumps also are submersible and pump considerably a lot of water per hour than an interior fountain pump. ornamental fountain pumps may also be used for work surface or garden fountains, wherever the fountain machinery itself is contained in associate above-ground reservoir or sump instead of a lake or pool. A fountain pump will operate sort of a suction pump, except that the water is fed back to the lake or reservoir instead of out of it. Fountain pumps for industrial applications ar wont to aerate waste created from producing processes, to treat waste material, or to treat water for municipal use. Fountain pumps also are wont to flow into stagnant water to cut back the build of alga or the population of mosquitoes.

A fountain pump is usually a pump, that moves water exploitation pressure from the force created by the movement of the vane. The liquid pump moves the water to associate apparatus or a fountain device that sprays water from the surface. The free flowing water gathers atomic number 8 because it falls back to the surface, providing aeration and sanctioning microorganism action within the breakdown of waste or providing natural action for fish in ponds or farming tanks.

Water feature pumps

Water feature pumps used in a range of landscaping applications either to make a water feature or helps the functioning of a tiny low, natural lake. These pumps flow into water, rising water quality through aeration and making fountains, waterfalls, and tumbling streams.

Water feature is standard landscape parts and may range from little, easy ponds to elaborate mixtures of features. Water feature pumps take 2 main forms — submersible and non-submersible. Every form of pump has associate meant use, and at intervals these 2 teams, sub-types exist.

(Greentec ST Series – submersible pump)

All of those pumps add identical means, mistreatment electricity to power a motor, sealed in a very watertight casing that attracts water in through associate intake and expels it, stressed, from associate output. they’ll merely move water at intervals a lake for circulation, be fitted with a bubbler for aeration, or hooked up to a pipe to manoeuvre water to a different space, like the pinnacle of a body of water or tumbling stream. Submersible water feature pumps area unit placed directly within the water. A specialised submersible pump is employed to power a fountain that perhaps connected on to the pump or put in another space of the feature. Pumps that aren’t designed to be submerged area unit referred to as external pumps. These pumps add identical means as submersible water feature pumps however aren’t protected against water and should be housed in a very protecting enclosure. As electrical devices, they’re susceptible to the weather and accidental contact with water. They serve identical operate as a submersible pump however should remotely draw water from the feature through associate intake pipe before pumping it to the required destination.

Centrifugal pump cg
(Greentec CG Series – Centrifugal Pump)

Both styles of pumps are available in a good vary of sizes and area unit rated in step with the quantity of water they’ll move, typically either in gallons per hour or litters per hour. massive pumps area unit rated at many thousands of gallons or litters of water per hour. the dimensions of the pump required are often determined by estimating the full volume of water within the feature. Any lake or feature system containing live plants or fish ought to have a pump capable of current all of its water each hour close to. Pumps for fountains have ratings for instructed flow and pressure.


10 Things you need to Know about Water Features:

  1. The chances are you probably won’t need a constant water supply
  2. A factor that is just as important as what the water feature looks like is the sound.
  3. If the feature has moving water, you will probably need an electricity supply to drive the pump, unless the feature is solar powered.
  4. Water features are going to need cleaning every now and then. Water will get slimy eventually and start to smell a bit, especially during the winter, so make sure you ask the store how to drain it the feature, dismantle it and clear out the reservoir, if you are unsure. It is better to ask to find out for definite rather than cause any unnecessary damage to your feature.
  5. Think about the placement of your new water feature in your garden.
  6. The finish of the fountain makes a big difference in the way the fountain looks and the care it needs.
  7. Think about lighting the water in the feature, this creates a lovely effect, meaning you can enjoy the feature during the night too.
  8. If you have children make sure you consider their safety first.
  9. It is important to care for your water feature all year round
  10. It’s much easier to get a water feature to look good if it’s placed in amongst plants and other existing garden greenery rather than at the center of a space on its own.